Chuck Negron
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September is National Recovery Month

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 18, 2017) – On September 17, 1991, after an infamous battle with addiction, rock-and-roller Chuck Negron entered a life of sobriety that has continued for 26 years by checking in to CRI-Help, an addiction and drug rehab center in Los Angeles. According to the SAMHSA, September is National Recovery Month, details can be found at

“I got high just about every day, unless I was sleeping or arrested. Boom! I was just an accident waiting to happen. I started with Romilar and had done most of the other stuff, but heroin became my love. It had been offered to me countless times and I had refused, but one time I said yes. I loved it! I’d never felt anything comparable to that first heroin rush. All the emptiness and fear inside vanished. Everything seemed fine. Even throwing up felt good. Soon I was devoting my life to heroin. I stayed faithful to it for twenty years, seven months, and two weeks. I didn’t care about anything or anybody. I just wanted my dope,” said Negron in an interview on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Negron’s addiction was depicted through the years on various television shows and media outlets, in 1985 he was ousted from the band due to his habits. Since his recovery, the voice that still makes fans across the world dance with joy has continued to tour and build a strong fan base of his own. In 2017, at age 75, he will complete over 60 tour dates and is looking forward to his fifth run on the Happy Together Tour in 2018, amongst solo shows across the country.

“Being clean and sober has been a gift from God — my life was given back to me, and I was freed from the bondage of addiction that I had suffered with for twenty years!” he said.

Chuck’s new album, titled Negron Generations is available now at and all digital music outlets as announced by ABC News Radio. The album features his daughters, Charlie and Annabelle, as well as three unreleased Three Dog Night tracks.

About Chuck Negron
Chuck Negron, formerly of Three Dog Night, has been captivating audiences for over five decades with his iconic vocals, unique humor and brilliant storytelling. His catalog of hits are timeless and appeal to music fans of all ages. In 1967, Negron became a founding member of Three Dog Night; a vocal trio having roots in R&B, rock-n-roll, and urban doo wop, creating a style of music that was totally new and unique. The world was introduced to Negron and Three Dog Night in 1969 by the band’s first million-seller “One.” Driven by Negron’s solo lead vocals on four million-selling singles, three #1 records, (one which topped the charts for six weeks, “Joy to The World”) five top 5 hits and seven top 40 hits, he put and kept Three Dog Night on the charts for six years. He performs upwards of 70 shows a year giving audiences the opportunity to hear his impressive volume of hits plus an exciting repertoire of new songs from his numerous solo CD’s. Negron released a new album this summer backed by the vocal talents of his two youngest daughters, Charlotte Rose and Annabelle Quinn and looks forward to announcing another upcoming project this Fall.

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Chuck Negron
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